Norwegian Cruise Line Giving Joy Contest 2019
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What do I do if I made an error in my submission?

There is no way for you to edit your submission. If you need to update the submission in any way, you will need to make a new submission. Please ensure that the new submission you make is shared to the public to gather votes.

Will the Teacher I nominated be disqualified if I have to add a new submission?

No, however, only the submission with the higher number of votes will be considered

What do I do if I need to remove a submission?

If there is a post that must be removed because of a duplicate submission, post with a minor, incorrect name, or any other reason, please email with the post date(s), your name, and submission link(s) if available.

How long will it take for you to remove my submission?

All requests for removals will be honoured within 48 hours.

How many times can I vote?

Each person can only vote for each Nominee once per Facebook account.

Can someone without a Facebook account vote?

Unfortunately, no. You must have a valid Facebook account to vote.

Why won’t the website work in my browser?

If you are having trouble viewing the contest and/or voting, please ensure that you are using a modern device and/or platform and/or browser. If you are still experiencing trouble please email

Is there any way to add the votes from an incorrect submission to the correct submission?

Unfortunately, no. Please instruct your family and friends to vote again on the correct submission.

Who do I contact if I have an inquiry not listed here?

Please email with details of the inquiry. Please ensure you include your name, date of submission(s), and submission link(s) if available.